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About The Job4Me.com:
TheJob4Me is a communications bridge across the workforce development gap. It’s a place where employers and educators can tell their stories about good jobs and training programs. It’s a place where people looking for better pay, better long-term prospects or just a better fit can learn about those possibilities.

Employers are expressing concern–sometimes approaching panic–about the need for qualified workers in:
– Welding
– Precision metal-forming
– Precision plastics manufacture
– Swiss machining (medical device manufacturing)
– Carpentry
– Electrical
– Plumbing
– Finishing (drywall, commercial and industrial painting, wallpapering)
– Building inspections
– Hospital laboratories
– Phlebotomists
– Physical therapy
– Occupational therapy
– Sonography
– Software development
– Quality Assurance testing
– Network security administration
– Accounting
– Financial analysis

All of these occupations pay a sustainable entry-level wage, and most offer a career ladder to solid middle-class income. Nearly all of these occupations require less than a four-year degree for entry-level employment, and many employers have education and training benefits that enable workers to complete two- or four-year degrees without incurring student debt.

Many educational institutions, economic development organizations and national industry associations see this as a job development and training issue. While current training and recruitment efforts are laudable and should not be curtailed, there are also people who are work-ready but who are applying their reading, math and critical thinking skills to minimum-wage jobs because they simply don’t know about the alternatives.

Current communication channels are inadequate. Employers, schools and government entities don’t have the bandwidth. The mainstream media prefer the bad news about outsourcing and income disparity to features about happy, well-paid, successful welders, tool and die makers and building inspectors.

What We Publish

    Feature Stories

Each week, TheJob4Me will post a new feature focusing on a specific industry or career and the people who are happy and successful in those jobs. If you have a great feature story idea, contact us about getting onto the editorial calendar.

The most interesting stories answer the questions:
– How did you get where you are? Most people are “career changers” at some point. It’s important to know change is possible.
– What training and education are needed for the job?
– What’s the biggest challenge?
– What do you like most?
– What’s the career ladder? Where do you go from here?
– And my favorite question: Beyond the required degrees or certifications, what personality traits or characteristics does it take to be really good at this job? (Sonographers are almost always hobby photographers. Cement truck drivers need excellent communication skills because they are going to dump 2000 pounds of material on someone’s property, and usually the spot where the customer wants it isn’t a possibility.)

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TheJob4Me can work with employers, schools and industry or trade organizations to develop, post and promote stories about in-demand jobs, training programs and career opportunities. Sponsored content provides time-sensitive publication of stories with the same quality and format as features.

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About Laura French, Ph.D.
Laura French wrote for the Star Tribune Jobs section for more than a decade and wrote the Laura in coralweekly “My Job” column from 2011-2015. During that time, she developed knowledge and insights about workforce development, the looming shortage of skilled workers and post-secondary alternatives to four-year degrees.

When the Star Tribune cancelled her column at the end of 2015, Laura decided to continue telling the stories about great jobs, great employees and great training opportunities.

In addition to her freelance writing, Laura teaches writing in the full-time MBA program at the University of St. Thomas.

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Email: laura@laurafrench.com

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